Get The Picture

by SOC

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Take another inspired journey to clearly focus on the One who holds all things together. Be encouraged by this powerful, life changing and inspirational message packed into this up-tempo, contemporary 9-track release.

Each of us, no matter where we find ourselves within the spectrum of life, must 'Get The Picture' and focus in on Christ as the sole source of fulfilling our purpose. For those who haven't accepted Him, it's critical we see our desperate need for Him. For those who have, that's just the beginning of a glorious journey to find intimacy with Him and allow Him to shine through us to a world in serious need. it's also critically important we mature to grow as we journey to understand what it means to truly follow Him.

This 2014 release stories the journey from being unrepentant through the ups and downs of maturing as a true discipline of Christ.


released April 20, 2014

Written & Performed by Brandon Paschal aka SOC
Executively Produced by Brandon Paschal
Instrumentals Featuring Iyron Davis for UrbanLink, Allrounda, and PS Beats



all rights reserved


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SOC Indianapolis, Indiana

Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana and now in Liverpool, UK, SOC interests lyricists, musicians, & music connoisseurs alike as he boldly proclaims the Gospel through his passionate love of hip-hop. Short for Servant of Christ, SOC aspires to encourage & challenge himself and others knowing his sole purpose is to fulfill the charge placed in front of us all - to boldly be a "Servant of Christ." ... more

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Track Name: Welcome
For am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God? Am I striving to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a Servant of Christ” –inspired by Galatians 1:10

SOC baby, let’s get it.

Verse 1

Yes - Hands up!
Back and I can't front
These shackles they ain't much
When tacked by His love

I’m free (Say what?) What kind of theme is this?
Hard to understand but plan to see the King is Him

Now my routine is this / Kicking it Ryu
Committed like times two
Seek & you’ll find truth

Acrobatic when He flip it
Emphatic with the specifics
It's tragic when we don't listen
I've had it with these opinions

The Truth don't compromise
See proof is in the eyes
This fruit it cannot lie
Produce some clementine

Salute to Him on high
We soldiers and He the General
Tried to told you we live for Go-
'D' Behold we begin to flow

That’s Crazy! How could anyone love me?
Underground - he Bun B
He flipped it - it's Chun Li

Eternally grateful
How can I lay low
Wherever He say go
No Turks & Caicos

I AM - from the beginning
Focus thinking the end in
Mind with my decisions
Short time - not an opinion

Word cut like an incision
No luck when I'm winning
Can't see me yeah this is tinted
Despicable bring the minions

It’s typical when there's misery
Sin - Look what it did to me
Pen - work so efficiently
When Him has gotten in to me

Word - illuminate it!
Absurd? Man He created
Search and He’ll avail it
Prefer the pen and paper S-O
Track Name: Get The Picture
Get the Picture!

Get the picture … Get focused.
So get the picture … how can we unless we focus on the Scriptures. Follow me as I follow Him …

Verse 1

Servant of Christ - yep - here I am again
Going up off two feet please give that man a 10
Ain't got to look before I leap, see we always plan to win
Is it really leadership or are you clearly managing?

I’m calling on the lifeline - you can ask a friend
I’m on my disciple grind though I hear em chattering
Evangelize going door to door with a pad or pen
New or old school – sword spear or javelin

That go for now and then, we on that odyssey
Do you hear Him calling? Listen to the Sovereign
"Cast your net deep [boy] – [and] come and follow me"
When Christ call is it yes or is it probably

Let me tell it … Jesus! … I call Him King
Christ the human high Light - no Dominique
Grace plus faith right all else comedy
Only way to pass go my M-O-nopoly


Say Cheese! Get the picture!
How can we ‘less wee focus on the Scriptures
Follow me as I follow Him
We molding the sovereign … 1-2-3

Say Cheese! Get the picture!
How can we ‘less we focus on the Scriptures
Follow me as I follow Him
We modeling the Sovereign … so get the picture

Verse 2

Well do you understand me now?
Don’t look back get focused grab the plow
Who knew this life was a true hand me down
Follow in His footsteps – see He’s planned it out

This walk ain’t sweet but you’ll grow in that fruit
it’s a hard proposition might not grow in that loot
Here today and gone tomorrow - when we go it’s like poof
Who do you say that I am - I pray you’ve chosen that Truth

Yeah - John 14:6
Don’t fall for them preachers who can do more tricks
Tickle those ears - fake healing those sick
Not a winning proposition – [Car]melo’s New York Knicks

This teaching here hard - who can accept it?
Oh I get it - just the true elected
It don’t make sense - each one of us reckless
But when He start that work - it’ll be perfected

Hallelujah - have you seen Him
Can’t look back and be fit for the kingdom (Lk 9:62)

I see you girl - too busy killin’ that walk
I see you man - too busy living that ‘talk’
I see us all too busy dealing with fault
He tells a Lot 'Don’t look back' – (poof) pilar of salt

…. as for me and my house
We will serve the Lord …S-O-C and I’m out!


Say Cheese! Get the picture!
How can we ‘less wee focus on the Scriptures
Follow me as I follow Him
We molding the sovereign … 1-2-3

Say Cheese! Get the picture!
How can we ‘less wee focus on the Scriptures
Follow me as I follow Him
We molding the sovereign … 1-2-3

Say Cheese! Get the picture!
How can we ‘less wee focus on the Scriptures
Follow me as I follow Him
We molding the sovereign … 1-2-3

Say Cheese! Get the picture!
How can we ‘less we focus on the Scriptures
Follow me as I follow Him
We modeling the Sovereign … so get the picture
Track Name: Undeserved (feat. Minister Carvell)
Time is short. And I need help. We all need help. We gotta figure this thing out. But it ain’t what I can do. It’s about what He can.

Verse 1 (SOC)

Your boy is filthy - I'm talking rags
Should've been consumed - I'm talking ash

Them wages high - and I ain't got the cash
Do I deserve it? Ain't gotta ask

A lying cheater - He gave me Lain
To a wicked heart - He gave a boy to raise
These deceitful eyes - one day will see His face
A wicked heart - and He removed my stains

So I give Him praise - hallelu (jah)
I can't explain it - but it's the truth
See it's up to you - and it's up to me
I give Him my life - since He gave it to me

One question - He’s asking you first
Choose today - who you gon' serve
Jesus Christ - That's my Word
Jesus Christ - I don't deserve

Hook x 2

I tell ‘em that it’s undeserved (repeated)

Verse 2 (SOC)

I’m so sick - I can't shake it
No matter what I do - I can't break it
I gotta face it - I need a Savior
Whether you agree - you gonna meet ya maker

Your next one - could be your last breath
Your next one - could be your last step
All these skeletons you can't bury
This baggage your sky cap he can't carry

And it won’t matter - what you made
Your pedigree - nor that resume
Right now is where that road fork
And there’s a way out - He made it known boy

If you love your life – them please talk to Him
Develop it - we done dark rooming
This a real cry out - this not music
This lane for everyone now let’s just car pool it

Hook x 2

I tell ‘em that it’s undeserved

Bridge (Minister Carvell)

He gave me grace and mercy, I didn’t deserve it though
He gave me this gift of rap, and I don’t deserve to flow
He told me to learn of Him, but I don’t deserve to know
He gave me eternal life in heaven and your boy don’t deserve to go

Life without Him is off balance like I had vertigo
His Word cut deep yes His deep Word is surgical
I’m saved to serve so safe to say that I’m a serve Him bro
He deserves the honor and the glory and the worship yo

Verse 3 (SOC)

This ain’t a game that’s why I ain’t plain’ friend
Ask my why I do this, see He made me win
1:10 - that's Galatians
I’ve accepted Christ - time to make amends

So let's toast - a celebration
Romans 10 - your reservation
We in that book of life - check Revelation
I don't deserve it - that’s why I tell the nations

Hook x 2
I tell ‘em that it’s undeserved
Track Name: Clock's Ticking
You hear it? You hear that clock ticking? It’st just a matter of time. No better day than today. Make that decision

Verse 1

Just back from that European hiatus
Ain’t nothing changed - ice grills – “hi haters!”
Always turbulent when you’re groundbreaking
We try and keep it poor on that Matthew 5 basis

Hear that clock ticking
This a tale of two cities - it’s Charles Dickens
When that alarm go off - who you rocking with?
It’s either Heaven or them H-E double hockey sticks

Can’t wait for His second coming encore
Didn’t see the star coming - Paul George
We going all confess Lord face down on all fours
But on this side of time is what we spit these bars for

Keep playing that same old - Teddy Ruxpin
Worried ‘bout the who why how and that what when
Newsflash this just in
D-Bo my Jesus peace? - I just leave mine tucked in

Hook x2
Tick tock – it’s the clock ticking
Your heart stop is when the plot thickens
Tick tock – it’s the clock ticking
The time is now. Make the right decision

Verse 2

Chasing fame, I know it man
It might look worth it, but I know it ain't
One day we 'll be a step slow - Kobe man
And see everyone walking this earth here is overpaid

Easily slaves to that consumerism
Those true colors show when Light go through that prism
Cool it now fam - New Edition
See we all fallen - and ain’t nobody proven different

After them dollars – so Creflo
Cobra’s (Satan) in the grass so Destro
for that wrist and that neck glow
We rep for what we swipe and write our checks for

There’s always room for more, but He got plenty
Now I'm so 100 like I got 5 twenties
Or 2 fifties - yep now who with me
We preach a true Christ instead of a new Bentley

Hook x2

Tick tock – it’s the clock ticking
Your heart stop is when the plot thickens
Tick tock – it’s the clock ticking
The time is now. Make the right decision
Track Name: I Know
Verse 1

I know - it ain't natural
Celebrating problems ain't rational
Naw I ain't ever heard that before
SOC you sound like a pastor bro

I can't be grateful that my cash is low
Or that my fam hearing bullets zoomin past my home
How am I? Now what you ask me fo’?
Just a minute, please look past the bull

- Call me matador
Just a couple thoughts now that I have the floor
See Christ yeah that's passion boi (boy)
I’m glad to be a slave - look at my Master boi

I wouldn't have nothin' if it's up to me
Winning’ it’s more than luck to me
Can’t help but take off once you’re up to speed
The value of this life it ain't luxury

Reality ain’t what’s perceived
See there’s grace in every moment as my lungs they breathe
See I was down and out and couldn't much believe?
Ray Allen corner clutch for 3

Reigning champion
With God on my side ain't nothing can't be done
Before the foundation see the plan was won
And now our people count it joy and we chanting Son (Christ) cuz I know

Hook x 2
I Know … (repeated)

Verse 2

I know … we say it's all good and that's for sure
Trying to paint a picture not quite actual
People all around but we in fact alone
As if we open up ,then it’s a wrap f'sho

Real talk and community now that’s shalom
Instead of being grateful we just ask for more
Wee what you ask me for?
See we got to go inside to attack the zone

I change my attitude
Change my perspective to gratitude
Since He saved me LORD all capitals
I travel through this life more than just passing through

It’s not about whether or not they’re mad at you
Stop speculating unless the facts are true
Ain’t worried ‘bout what they changed they status to
And less concerned about all the “likes” that accrued

More than news feeds and statuses
140 character tweets less adjectives
We demonstrating life –that it is
Not quite measured by all this lavishness

But by how share the Word at our kids
I need be more intent and then just practice it
Before the foundation see the plan was won
And now our people count it joy and we chanting Son (Christ) ‘cause I know

Hook x 2
I Know … (repeated)
Track Name: Turnt 'Round
Yeah, it’s so official right now. It’s your boy SOC, Servant of Christ, and I’ back - back like I never left. I hear all these people talking about they turnt up — but we’re about whether people turnt ‘round
You know what I’m saying’ so we’re gonna get into this — so I need you to turn up if you turnt round
SOC for life you know what it is— let’s go

Verse 1

S-O-C it's me
The same thesis B - next stop 1st Peter 3
What mode – We perceived at beast
See that sin life we leave it be

Let them sleeping dogs lie
Separated from it all - apartheid
It's a far cry - from a Game Boy
My God for real - not just a Name boy

I'm talking hold the whole world it's insane boy
Crushed His Son, now what remains is joy
Through that circumstance – yes He reigns
Keep that sword with me - call it He-man

Yeah we men at arms - on that battlefield
Going hard all day till we out of here

I'm talking no breaks - no recess
Suffer for the King - yeah we blessed

Hook x 2

Back like I never left. What up now?
They call it turnt up – we call it turnt round
Back like I never left (repeated)

Verse 2

Full time boy but I'm back at it
Ain't nothing changed other side of the Atlantic
Circumstances come and go - no we can't panic
We turnt ‘round to the Light yeah He can manage

Yeah that’s Grief - abandoned
Joy and Peace it’s granted
Heavenly lease still annexed
Master Chief – He planned it

No Halo
Make no / mistake bro / Glory His / I lay low
But they point at man - I say “Oh no he didn't"
Point him to the Truth I hear ‘em say “Oh no He isn't"

No I don't hate - just know that boy ignorant
I stand tall and defend the Word - Roy Hibbert
See watch your time that’s where your idol’s stashed

Addition by subtraction - yeah that’s Bible math
Through Him live forever - I mean what is a grave?
SOC a paradox emancipated but I’m still a slave

Hook x 2

Back like I never left. What up now?
They call it turnt up – we call it turnt round
Back like I never left (repeated)
Track Name: What It Used to Be (feat. Rolanda Brooks)
Bring those organs in for me … because it ain’t what it used to be

Verse 1

Track crazy - courtesy of ID
He go hard - but Another who inspires me
Once divided like I'm Siamese
But I crossed over on ‘em - Kyrie

Uncle Drew - let these young bloods know
SOC Xbox one mode
Do it for the next gen
My best man and my best friends

Those that hate – and my enemies
Doing what it takes to purge this sin in me
Still bangin on that timpani
And in The Hand of my Master who can get to me

Used to be "I see you SOC gettin dough"
You can miss me with that now we tryna give em hope”"
Holla at Ephesians 2 and 3
It ain’t the same for you and me

Hook x 2
It Ain’t What It Used to Be!

Verse 2

We in the light now - put your shades on
Saw that darkness flee - when it came on
Gremlins hate the water and the light fam
Might get shocked by the power of the right hand

Too many gizmos
See her over there - too may get low
And see him over there - (3) too much pimp mode
I tell it like it is and don’t tip toe

All these rules of engagement
Another layman - speaking to the mayhem
See me praying, “somebody save him!”
And still banging on that Rock ‘till it cave in

Don’t deserve it but yeah He mine
Moms put it in me - since a knee high
Drop the seed and watch the grain grow
Good Shepard working - I remain posed

Hook x 2

Verse 3

Family Matters Carl Winslow
That sin though’ll catch up with you tenfold
Never know who's watching while you tip toe
Brah man from the fifth floor

But thank God I am His
This a real game of Simon says
So what it do?
I do what He say - like a puppet move

Momma told me
With God can't nothing out chea hold me
The ones that get you moving slowly
Creep up on you like a slow leak

And Grandma still dropping jewels
‘Cuz every day your boy SOC in school
It’s not that I’m silent dude
Just grown now and I don’t talk to fools

Don't quarrel in that foolishness
Can't recognize me be like, "who is this!"
Real talk I been doing it
Since I’m hand crafted Ephesians 2 and 10
Track Name: Let It Rain (feat. Kenney Garmon)
Jesus God, thank you for keeping us safe. Amen


Son let it rain
Lord let it rain
I gotta stand in the rain
Shine on me in Your reign

Verse 1

Life keep moving / yet strife keeps blooming
Appetite to see the afterlife scene 2 is
...around the corner while my mates keep rolling
Creations groaning / ain’t too late let's show men

And these ladies too / keep relaying truth
Modesty you see it’s is hot like your favorite soup
We tell ‘em less more - more or less
Unless more of Christ / is what your focus is

And it should be - and we know that
Whether married / or you Boaz
Seeking mates instead of Jesus - it is so sad
Others prestige, fame or simply cold cash

Pagans claimed Zeus - they thundering
Today we claim loot - this world crumbling
See there's no substitute - no other means
No equal other truth - Jesus running things

Hook x 2
Son let it rain
Lord let it rain
I gotta stand in the rain
Shine on me in Your reign

Verse 2

(Think about it) the resurrecting power that's world saving
The same power by His Word created
The same power of the Name that we pray in
Believe Him and through that same power we make it

And if that ain’t good news / don't know what is
And for His glory / we must live
That mean more joy / more peace
More patience / I'm finding in me

As the world keeps spinning / the Son keeps reigning
An oxymoron? more a paradox I'm just saying
when sky is raining / the Son is too
When we need a miracle / Son is proof

And since we know we won the war / what's another fight?
But opportunity / to show the Son's might
So Lord Let it rain, precipitation fall
Still see The Son - Jesus - who overcame it all

Though through the highs and lows - it ain't easy
His Word still say / that He still sees me
Please believe me / or better yet Him
But don’t take my word - verse 9, Romans 10

Hook x 2

Son let it rain
Lord let it rain
I gotta stand in the rain
Shine on me in Your reign

Verse 3 x 2

More than stackin bread - blowin money fast
Son still shinin - when its overcast
And yeah I told the mass - es /
Yeah you told em pass - this ...
Best story ever told past - tense

But I know a Man - He outside of time
And when u sinkin - He'll throw out a line
See I'm so shore - cuz He the living water
No more folk lore - just appeal the Father

Hook x 2

Son let it rain
Lord let it rain
I gotta stand in the rain
Shine on me in Your reign
Track Name: Lose It
Verse 1

Time’s short and let's face it
But we too vain - want face lifts
That Judge watching and we can't slip
We test cases - can't ace this

But we racing - we chase it
These life hurdles and we can't trip
Let's pick fruit - well how's patience?
Get by me man see you ain't slick

And I see you
Come around - you want to be cool
These ladies begging for attention fam
Try to cover up - girl we see you

These covenant eyes and I ain't trying to look
What you selling man I can find in the Book
Nothing but deer out here by the brook
See this fire hot and I'm just trying to cook--whoooo

- Who want eat
Get off that bottle - here's a side of meat
He baking that Bread of Life
That life of Christ - please find a seat

Off the top of that temple flow
Trying to mind this temper though
Keep this body clean my temple
Manage through life's tempo

Dubstep or this hip hop
(1a) No matter what live Rock
See that 4 way - I should've been stopped
There go more grace that done been dropped

You hearin SOC? Better answer me
Perhaps I'll just plant the seed
For those who hesitate in answering
2 Timothy 3 - for the answer key

Verse 2

Your boy S-O flipped it up
With the bass or the lyre I'll lift Him up
Or whatever in the world that He’s gifted brah
So turn my headphones up like fisticuffs

Can't never ever back out
Go hard ‘till I blackout
Whether with the logos or I'm dolo on the stage …
look at me like I act wild

What? - yep - lost my mind
And I thank God - it's ‘bout high time
Renewed that boy - now I'm fine
Working on the inside – that’s my grind

Word to Conrad - my heart dark
So filthy - and we all part
My mental state needs transforming …
and that Word is the “all spark”

My mind - Lord clean me
That’s my wish - no genies
Since your boy met the world – Mr. Feeny
Mind begets act you see me?

Our thought’s where sin start
And it's everywhere you look - Kevin Hart
No one excluded see we been part
From the field to the booth Shannon Sharpe

That’s why I die everyday …
Disperse them thoughts - Pepper Spray
Focus man since I'm astray
Mercy Mercy to Me - word to Marvin Gaye

Left that drama in last week
Now they can't get past me
Like Richard Sherman if you ask me
Defend against that route - ask Crabtree